Tips to Save on Rentals

November 2022 | FALL

Let’s talk about Instagram and Pinterest…they are your best friend and worst enemy at the same time!  Social media is a wonderful tool to find inspiration or your design aesthetic, and for learning what you like, but what you’re seeing on these apps is often a styled shoot that dresses up a single table for the sake of a photo. We all want to put together a publish worthy event, but most clients have major sticker shock when they see the cost to recreate their favorite design looks for 150 guests.

This is when it’s time to lean on your rental experts – like our talented Event Specialists. We can suggest ways to help you achieve the same overall look and feel you’re hoping to achieve, while staying conscience of your budget. The easiest, and best way to save is with your linen choices.  Heavy woven, or printed linens are gorgeous, however they come with a hefty price point.  You can expect to spend anywhere from $75-$130 a linen. Our tip: Put that money to your bar and use a basic linen for the guest tables, and add a fun printed napkin for a more styled look.  Another suggestion is to go for printed or patterned linens for a few spotlight tables – such as your sweetheart or cake table.  Spend the money where the photos will be taking place. The other big factor to consider when trying to save costs is your food budget – catering can get expensive. But consider revising your menu and how the meal is served.  Family style meals will always equate to a larger rental order, because you’ll need to rent all the platters, and service ware for each table.  The kitchen build out for this type of menu is typically more as well. Take into consideration your venue. Do they have an onsite kitchen or will you have to build one out? Buffet style meals are going to be the most cost-effective option, with a single plate for service and only a dinner fork and knife are needed.

We love to design fun, elaborate events. It’s what we live for! However, we know your special day should not be breaking the bank. When you come in for your design appointment bring all the inspiration you have, but with room to compromise to stay within your budget. We want you to have a post-worthy event, and still be able to afford to have that dream honeymoon as well!


Nicole Peters
General Manager