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Our helpful planning guide includes the following:

Linen Chart

How to use the Table Matrix:
1. At the top of the matrix, locate the table size you will be using.
2. Then follow down the column until you locate the desired effect you want the linen to produce.
3. Staying in the proper column, move across to the far left side of the matrix.
4. You have now located the linen size to order for the desired table and effect you want.

Table & Chair Chart

6' Table
6-8 Chairs

8' Table
8-10 Chairs

8 'x 40" Table
8-12 Chairs

60" Square Table
8-10 Chairs

36" Round Table
4-5 Chairs

48" Round Table
6-7 Chairs

60" Round Table
8-9 Chairs

72" Round table
10-12 Chairs

Dance Floor Chart

Tenting Chart

What to consider when planning for a tent:
Over-head wires, tree limbs etc. must not interfere with the tent.
Is the tent near other structures?
What type of surface is the tent being installed on?
Can the tent be secured using stakes or water barrels?