About Us

Ventura Rental came into existence in 1978 when my father Ron Holley moved our family to Ventura to purchase a small homeowner and construction rental business.  Almost thirty years later, we continue to operate two equipment stores, an equipment repair center, and a special event party rental store.

While still in high school, I was selling truck and tractor rentals at the original store on Telegraph Road.  I loved the service business and making deals!  Over the next few years, after getting married and starting a family, Dad encouraged me to follow my instincts, which were pointing to special event and party rentals. I took the challenge.  With ten banquet tables and one hundred folding chairs Ventura Rental Party Center was born.

In the early years I learned that we would have to work hard to earn a name in the area.  I will never forget my first client meeting…walking up a long steep driveway with eight various size sterling silver trays dropping from my arms and my handwritten photocopied price list.  How I must have looked to those high society, tea-sipping ladies!  Needless to say, I did not get the job.

But I learned, and used my natural talents like selling, listening, and visioning to grow the business.  We had a separate party facility within a year.  Now we provide service for over 200 special events per month, and have evolved into a full-scale event rental organization

Last year, like every year, we added many additional items to our inventory that have been very successful in improving our revenue and our customer base.  Customers want their events to look "different," "special, " and "unique".  Of course, so do we!  How different can we make a banquet table?  Two hundred different ways every month!  That is what we mean by listening and visioning.

We regularly invite different community groups and committees to come to our facility and promote party and event ideas with various presentations.  We are currently active members in the California Rental Association, American Rental Association, National Association of Catering Executives, and enrolled in the Certified Event Rental Professional program, as well as other local boards, chambers, and organizations.

Ventura Rental Party Center is known for superior customer service.  It is the most important thing we can give our clients.  We make it a point to help the customer during each phase of the event, from the bridal fair to the on site visit, to the reservation changes, set-up and return. Our customers know that we have a representative on call 24 hours a day for their needs, and they do use that service often!  Great customer service has helped us to grow, and now we enjoy the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising.

The event rental business is a service business and we make sure our employees and vendors know how key their participation is in our team effort.  We instill a lot of responsibility and accountability in our employees and encourage them to learn, grow and be proud of what we do. We constantly meet with key vendors to stay on the cutting edge of products and services that define the industry. 

Here at Ventura Rental party Center, we love what we do.  We actively enjoy the search for new and unique items to really make your party or special event stand out.  We look forward to making new relationships as well as nurturing our long-term clients.

The equipment side of our business has also been a success.  My brother-in-law and partner, Ted Cook, has the main responsibility for that now, and it has been a while since I sold a tractor rental!  But we coordinate the work load and share equipment and resources to cater to the needs of contractors and homeowners…they have personal and company events, too, so the goods, services, and clients are continually overlapping.

We are looking at a bright future in rental business.  It is still a young industry that has been expanding since World War II.  There is much room for innovative entrepreneurship, but also ethical leadership, and family and American values as we plan and provide the jobs, opportunities, and services forecasted for the coming decades.  We thank you for your part in our continued success and will continue to try and make you look splendid!